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Daniel Gerzon
Human Movement Therapist 

Talented Touch

Dedicated to help improve everyone's well being

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Daniel Gerzon

Welcome to Talented Touch,

Your Body world !   

Currently enrolled in the Human Movement Specialist program of the Brookbush Institute, I apply the additionally gained knowledge & techniques into the therapeutic bodywork I practice.

If intrigued & for more information on Rates & Services, please click the 'Book Appointment' link to the Online Scheduler showing day & time availabilities and rates.

Please note that all sessions combine the techniques that best serve your specific needs.

Based on over twenty years of hands-on experience and continued extensive  trainings, I am committed to provide the best possible care in all aspects of the treatments I 

Welcome !

If you feel like you need a good physio 'tune-up' & you are also interested in learning more about your body's unique physiological abilities, you can conveniently schedule a session via the online link:
Book Appointment.

A 'combination session' typically involves some stretching and applied massage therapy based on your specific activities and movement style.  Throughout the entire hands-on part, simply 'embodying' the over- or under-active muscles will very likely get you to relax & revitalize.

Thank you for reading.



My practice of therapeutic bodywork is committed to serve the specific needs of every visitor.  As a multitude of factors contribute to the conditions and functioning of our bodies, assessing reliably via a brief informed posture analysis helps me be more effective in treating any conditions presented.  While therapeutic bodywork is about facilitating more efficient movement, I currently focus more specifically on the release of overactive muscles/tissues as well as on the activation or mobilization of underactive muscles/tissues. This more informed style is truly beneficial as it complements my intuitive sense & somatic ('cellular') approach to what 'emanates' from a person's body.  In the near future, I will also offer the combined elements of stretching and soft-tissue manipulation, such as those applied in massage techniques, via an entirely innovative method. So yep, stay tuned for it.


(typically a combination)

Active Isolated Stretching

Alignment/Postural Assessment

Somatic Movement Therapy

Release & mobilze muscles/tissues via massage-based techniques.

(typically a combination)

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What Patients Say

“One the best massage experiences I have had in a long time. Daniel was informative and thorough, according to the needs I expressed. Felt a huge difference afterwards.”

Damon Foster

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know

love yourself completely"

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