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About Me

Daniel Gerzon

Currently I am focused on integrating into my sessions those aspects of the Human Movement Specialist trainings pertinent to each client's condition. 

The inclusion of Active Isolated Stretching and Somatic Movement Therapy

into my work has proven to benefit clients' long term well-being and I now aspire to improve my practice with attention to clients' specific goals for optimal movement. 

Based on extensive continuing education in a variety of modlities and over twenty four years of hands-on experience in therapeutic bodywork and massage, I remain committed to providing the highest quality of professional care in all aspects of the treatments I provide to patients.

As always, I greatly appreciate all past, current and future clients as each person offers a wealth of insights in support of my ongoing explorations into the ever-expanding realm of therapeutic bodywork.

Education and Certifications

Baltimore School of Massage 1996

 As an apprentice dancer (Ballet & Modern) I became intrigued with the human body's functioning and enrolled in the massage therapy program.

Moving on Center School for Participatory Arts & Research 1997

Following the massage program, I joined this curriculum as it covered a wider range of approaches to bodywork therapy.

Aquatic Bodywork (Watsu) & Waterdance 1998

Aquatic therapies obviously complement 'land based' therapies in various ways.

Human Movement Specialist 2021

Program with the Brookbush Insititute - following a protocol of reliable assessment & informed analysis to a comprehensive physiological intervention.  

Sport Exercise

Details on Modalities:
To be provided here soon.

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